Gelatin for prostheses

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Our gelatin recipe is specially designed for the creation of prostheses. It is reusable at will, you just have to recast the gelatin.

Price: CHF 11.- / 100 grammes

Offered in 3 shades:
– Transparent (to tint yourself)
– Clear
– Dark

The gelatin is liquefied by heating it. You can melt it in a bain-marie or microwave, however, be careful with the microwave as it should not foam. So do several short cycles. The ideal is to use plaster molds, but it also works with silicone molds or resin (eg F160 available in our shop).

Note:The use of release agent is recommended but not essential.

Prosthesis application:
At the exit of the mold it is advisable to tilt the prosthesis so that it does not stick on itself. Regarding the connections between the prosthesis and the skin, the gelatin dissolves in contact with water. A simple cotton swab soaked with warm water and ideally salted enough to make the edges disappear and thus give a realistic appearance to the prosthesis.

Once cooled, the prosthesis can be made up without problem.

Precautions for use:
– Do not apply melted gelatin directly to the skin (danger of burning)
– Do not foam when heating too much because the fibers will be destroyed and the final texture will not be optimal.
– Do not pour directly into a mold made of alginate because in view of its high water content (50%), the gelatin will not harden.

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